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With the best part of thirty years of experience under his belt, in the fields of television, radio, voiceovers, corporate work, audience warm-ups and live entertainment, it's little wonder that Greg Scott has worked for and delighted a whole host of producers, executives and clients over all this time.

On this website, you'll be able to see him in action - And if, subsequently, you would like him to work for you - For an hour, a day, or more - You can get in touch with him directly... Details on the "Contact" page.

Let's begin with his television work.
Whilst having been involved chiefly with entertainment and game shows, Greg can expertly turn his hand to any genre, working with or without autocue, with or without talkback, live or recorded.

Here is a four-minute selection of clips from broadcast and pilot shows, including some of his most recent work:

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