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In the last couple of year things, LOTS of stuff has gone on in the land of Greggles...

I've warmed up the audience for
The X Factor (Just once, but what a story there!), Superstars 2012, Take Me Out, and Loose Women.
Plus there was a brief return to my old Countdown stomping ground...
Additionally, I performed COUNTLESS voice overs and a miscellany of other stuff.

In 2013, voice-overs were the dominant force...
In amongst all the ads and corporate VOs, I was the voice of ITV's
The Alan Titchmarsh Show,
and I lent my larynx to
The 2013 Animal Honours, hosted by Paul O'Grady, again for ITV.

In vision / On screen, I played the role of "Dave, The Reporter" in the hit kids' comedy show,
The Slammer (CBBC, November)...
Countdown came calling again (Warmed-up again in December)...

CURRENTLY, I'm beavering away, writing a shedload of questions for Thames Television / ITV's
All-Star Family Fortunes...
AND voice-overising for all sorts of lovelies and undesirables.
If you would like to
add to the diary, feel free to bung an email over.

From one-off voice-overs to hosting television run-throughs and pilots... From audience warm-ups and radio shows to comedy acting, writing, fronting corporate videos, compering events and award ceremonies... Want it doing professionally and properly? Come get me!

In the meantime, for a kick-off, click the screen below to see yours truly doing what is known in the trade as, "televisual hosty stuff"...


Email: Click link in bottom right hand corner.

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