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Well, hello!
If you're looking for an ultra-professional:
Television Host / Presenter
(Any genre, though chiefly quiz / gameshow / entertainment - Shows, pilots or run-throughs)...
Radio presenter
("Personality" radio or formatted)...
(Live event, Television programmes, TV / Radio commercials, narration, idents or sweepers)
(Quiz questions or dialogue)...

Corporate host
(Live event or video)...
Audience Warm-Up
(With 25 years experience)...

All of this, wrapped up in a tremendously nice bloke - You've got him right here!

Showreel, voicereel, recommendations and photos all contained within the pages of this lovely website - Please have a browse / gander / skeg - If nothing else, you might enjoy it!

Let's start with the showreel - It's frightfully splendid. Have a look:

Email: Clickable link in bottom right hand corner.

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