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Channel 5: Appeared as one of the talking-head bods on, "When Television Goes Horribly Wrong" (Footage on "Show Guest" page)... 
Camelot: Host of gameshow-style events for The National Lottery, live from Pinewood Studios, across all social media platforms...
Coast & County Radio (DAB in North Yorkshire / Online): Presenter of a live, mid-afternoon radio show with quizzes,  fun, laughter and weirdness...
Voiceovers: The voice of the major Southeastern Railway campaigns / announcements, Commercials, narrations, "Voice Of God" for live events, intros for cabaret acts, sweepers and drop-ins for radio stations and presenters, commentaries for property videos... All being mouthed right now.

Coming soon: A return to audience warm-ups, a further appearance as a talking head fella for another Channel 5 clip-show, "When GAMESHOWS Go Horribly Wrong", and will be co-hosting a MASSIVE golfing event with Sky Sports in May.
Keep checking back for updates!

With thirty years' experience under his belt in broadcasting and live entertainment, 
it's little wonder that Greg Scott has worked, and continues to work, for a whole plethora of clients, 
producers and executives since first taking to the stage in 1986.

Let's begin with his television work.

Whilst having been involved chiefly with entertainment and game shows,
Greg can expertly turn his hand to any genre, working with or without autocue,
with or without talkback, live or recorded.
Here he is, in action (Four minutes):

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