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With over thirty years’ experience under his belt in broadcasting and live entertainment, it’s little wonder that Greg Scott has worked  for and  delighted a whole host of clients, producers and executives since first taking  to the stage in 1986.

Let’s begin with his television work. Whilst Greg’s chief focus has been on entertainment and game shows, he is expertly able to present any genre. Greg has the rare ability to work with or without both autocue or talkback and has a wealth of experience with live and pre-recorded television.
Here’s his  (He believes) magnificent showreel (4m):


It’s about time there was further news to bring you – So here we jolly well are!
Are you with Mastercard? If so, and if you need to call them for any reason, it’s my voice you will hear down your phonal earpiece. All the welcomes, prompts and so forth, all performed by my soothing, sexy mouth.
And if you ever use your Mastercard (or any other debit card) to play online slots, in a first for me, my voice features on a major game which has just been released to a whole host of internet-based casinos. Called, “My Bingo Hall“, it’s available to play (and hopefully to win on!) right now.
I continue to be the main voice for Thane – The TV Home Shopping people, which you can catch on Thane’s own platform throughout the day – And in the Teleshopping slots on all kinds of channels (E4, Dave, W, Comedy Central and more) at various times. You may even heard me without KNOWING it’s me – And thought, “Wow – I wish I could have that sexy voice providing VOs for me.” Well, you can! Click the “Get In Touch Now” rectangle at the end of this piece.
You know when people use very vague wording in order to make out they’re much busier than they actually are? Right now, I HAVE to be vague – But it’s all very real.
In addition to the above, I am currently co-developing a *massive* online project for a truly extraordinary “going places” media company. As things stand, I am lined up to be the face of said project too. It’s hugely exciting and just the kind of thing I’ve wanted to do before – But never have. Unfortunately, what the project is – Even what KIND of thing it is – I cannot go into any detail. NDA city and all that. But we’re hoping for a launch in the next few months and I cannot wait to share with you what’s going on.
I’m back performing to live audiences. Over the next few months, I’ve been signed to host entertainment events for a large independent bingo company at their 1000 seat club in Mansfield. It’s been WAY too long since I worked live (We know the reasons why), so it’s a huge thrill to get back to the frontline.
The voiceover work continues for Southeastern and Network Rail – You will hear me “gobbing off” on their platforms whenever major engineering work takes place or when “event announcements” are required.
In summary, I’ve not been busier for YONKS – And we know how long a “yonk” is. You’ll notice that there’s no radio or television presenting in the list above. Frankly, even if I was offered a Saturday night gameshow on ITV (Always been the dream!), I’m not sure I’d be able to make time for it! But if anyone wants to put that to the test, be my guest. I’m sure I’d manage somehow.
Okay! That’s the update! Thank you for visiting the website. Hope you enjoy the rest of the content. Take care, GS.


Clients include:
ITV, Endemol, Mastercard, Eyecon Online Gaming, Network Rail, Eurosport, Camelot, Fizz / RDF Television, QVC, High Street TV, Thane TV,, Southeastern Railways, NetBet, and HUNDREDS of sweepers, commercials and bespoke drop-ins for Radio Stations, Comprod Companies and Presenters in the UK and abroad. Home studio with lightning fast turnaround available.


I’ve used Greg as presenter of game show run throughs for the BBC and as daily v/o contributor for ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show. He has always delivered exactly what was required and was never less than utterly accommodating, professional and a pleasure to deal with. A real talent and loves doing well what he does so well.
Cillian De Buitlear, MD, Luminous Television.

We used Greg for a character voice that depended on excellent comic timing. He delivered a spot on performance to the delight of all concerned, within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.
Stuart Headlam, Camelot Group PLC.

There are lots of people claiming to be a ‘voiceover artist’ these days…but this Greg Scott fella is the real, Saturday night prime time, deal. A proper, crafted voiceman. You know when you go from Dairylea to ‘Taste the Difference’ cave-aged cheddar? Greg is your cheddar.
Spencer Austin, Little Delicious TV

Greg was recommended to us when we were looking for a voiceover artist to play the audio role of a Bingo Caller in an online slot game that Eyecon were developing. Working with Greg was a pleasure, his communication was excellent and he provided us with a demo before we agreed the work and then created the work to such a high standard in a timely manner. He offered us the option to re-record any of the work if the tone wasn’t what we were after however this option wasn’t needed as the work was exactly as we envisaged. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greg at all.
Paul Gielbert, Eyecon Gaming.

Voice Reel


From award ceremonies and product launches to corporate events or after-dinner speaking… In fact, any occasion which needs a front-man, Greg is available to help your event go without a hitch.

His qualities are seemingly endless but his warmth, charm, wit and empathy have captivated countless audiences. Greg is unflappable, professional, accommodating and authoritative; however, most of all, he is understanding and able to host/compere/MC in whichever style you require.

Most of Greg’s live work has been subject to copyright or is restricted for legal reasons; however, a short clip from the Young Enterprise Awards in London is available to view right here, along with a glowing reference from one of the event’s organisers.

“Being an MC can be tough work at the best of times, but it’s known to get particularly challenging when you have hundreds of excitable teenagers, doting parents, high-powered business-people (and the odd Cabinet minister) in the audience at the same time.

From the moment Greg came on stage to present the ceremony, he had the audience’s full attention, and his quick wit and humour certainly lightened the mood as competitors delivered presentations, and waited to see who won overall.

With something for everyone, he never put a foot wrong, and his continued audience interaction added charisma, laughter and warmth to make a great atmosphere a perfect one.

I would highly recommend Greg Scott as a MC for any event.
 Extremely talented, professional and likeable both onstage and off, his efforts for our flagship awards ceremony allowed his versatility and vast experience to shine through.”

Connor Sephton, Managing Director, Visualise Media Group


Since 1990, Greg has ‘warmed up’ audiences for a huge range of shows: Countdown, Stars In Their Eyes, The X Factor, Wogan, This Is Your Life, Through The Keyhole – the list goes on. Sadly, only one (low quality) recording exists of Mr S doing his thing (from Countdown in 1997) – And it’s available to view to the right.

Whether it be a small audience, as shown, or an entire arena, Greg will easily and expertly get your audience in the mood.


Still trawling through the site? Good! You’ve found some absolute GEMS here… All sorts of stuff from the varied career of the chubby, gap-toothed goon… Have a shufty.

Talking Head – “When TV Goes Horribly Wrong” – Channel 5 / Crook Productions (2016)

As a guest on, “That Friday Show” (Estuary TV, 2014)

Silly Game for News UK Studios (Pant wettingly funny!)

Sun Bingo Promo with Rustie Lee (2016)

When Gameshows Go Horribly Wrong (Channel 5)

On the radio, with special guest, Michael Barrymore (2012)

Host – “Live Bingo” – Netplay TV (2008)


“Greg Scott was the lead presenter of a talkbackTHAMES ITV show for me a few years ago, and was an extremely successful choice as our host. Viewers loved him and cast and crew were delighted to work with Greg who became an integral member of the team behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. He was warm, funny and personable and built a very dedicated fan base for the programme.”
Alex Mahon, CEO, Channel 4.

“Greg Scott – Fantastic with people and a truly excellent live host.”
Michael Leggo, former Head of Light Entertainment, BBC Television

“I first had the pleasure of working with Greg in 2005 at FremantleMedia, when I booked him to host Quizmania for ITV1 (after being a big fan of his work for some time). Greg is simply one of the most talented and creative presenters working in British television today.He exceeded my expectations and demonstrated an incredible talent at hosting live television and game shows. He was reliable, professional and dependable. It was an honour to work with Greg and I would highly recommend him for any production”.
Chuck Thomas, Former Head of Programming, FremantleMedia

“It is a source of constant amazement to me that Greg Scott is not yet a star of the highest magnitude. His brain (roughly the size of an airship) knows the elusive “how to” of presenting both television and radio. He is a consummate professional with a ready wit and is that most elusive of performers: a reliable, trusted and talented one. You don’t often get those three bits together. His grasp of a format and his instinctive ability to bring out the best in everything is only a small part of the entire package – and that package (standing at around six feet high) is one of the best, nicest, personable, joyful packages I have ever known. Do yourself and him a good deed. Book him at once!”
The dearly-departed Danny Greenstone, Fremantlemedia Executive Producer, International Entertainment

“Greg was recommended to us when we were looking for a voiceover artist to play the audio role of a Bingo Caller in an online slot game that Eyecon were developing. Working with Greg was a pleasure, his communication was excellent and he provided us with a demo before we agreed the work and then created the work to such a high standard in a timely manner. Greg offered us the option to re-record any of the work  if the tone wasn’t what we were after however this option wasn’t needed as the work was exactly as we envisaged. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greg at all.”
Paul Gielbert, Eyecon

“Greg is a joy to work with; He’s enthusiastic, cheerful and as professional as you can get.”
Howard Huntridge, Senior Executive Producer, Worldwide Entertainment, FremantleMedia

“Over the years I have worked with the very best talent in the entertainment world on both sides of the Atlantic. Greg is truly a hidden gem that would hold his own against the best of them. His knowledge of the entertainment world is only matched by his passion and his professionalism”.
Jim Brown, Former Head of Entertainment, Scottish, Anglia, Yorkshire TV

”Working with Greg was a sheer delight – Professional, talented and all with unrelenting good-humoured energy”.
Nick Thorogood, Head of Factual, Entertainment & Formats, BBC Vision

“Greg did a brilliant job of our English speaking pilot; It’s a pity he’s not French! A great show needs a great host and he’s one of them!”
The Late Francis Vacher, CEO, French TV

“A true professional! Greg was our first choice presenter for a series of videos for an online bingo brand. From the first take we knew the outcome was going to exceed our expectations. He pretty much only needs one take, delivers perfectly to requirements and can add his own uniqueness for good measure. We can’t wait to work with Greg again on the next project.”
Gavin Walters, Chief Marketing Officer,
Positively Distinctive Media Ltd

“The first time I saw Greg on TV, it immediately struck me that here was one of those exceptional performers who is genuinely able to make an instant connection with the viewer at home. Amongst Telly Professionals this is known as ‘getting through the glass’ (Referring to a Camera Lens or, more commonly an Autocue). Proficiency in this skill can ONLY be achieved via experience. GREG SCOTT is a master of this skill and, to his credit, makes it all look far too easy”.
Director / Producer, Royston Mayoh (The Kenny Everett Video Show, Opportunity Knocks, Catchphrase, The Tommy Cooper Show etc)